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Sigue - FAQ - Agents - Sigue® International Money Transfer

To become a Sigue Agent, you must have valid business license & a photo ID. We may require additional information to verify your identity, to obtain proper authorization, evaluate your earning potential and to comply with country laws and regulations, if any.

You'll simply need a secure computer with an antivirus installed, internet connection and a printer at your own point of sale. Once the Sigue Money Transfer software is installed, you'll be able to offer our services and earn a commission on every transaction that is sent or received from your locations(s).

Sigue is responsible for providing fee tables. The system will automatically calculate the fee based on the amount of money sent, the service chosen, and the destination country.

Being a Sigue Agent, you'll get a commission for every transaction you process, as the customer pays a transfer fee for each Sigue transaction sent. The more transactions you send or receive, the more you earn.

Competitive rate will be provided by Sigue to send agents. In case of receiving country, the rate will be confirmed by the regional director/payout agent.